mercoledì 19 maggio 2010

Fist attempt to Galapagos - Evolutionary Solver for Grasshopper

Thanks to David Rutten for the new GH Release.
It gives me the opportunity to test the new evolutionary solver called "Galapagos".

Here you can see a short video where I show you how Galapagos works.
In this esample I have a box with a fixed volume value and I tell to the solver to find the sphere with the same volume value.

venerdì 9 aprile 2010

First prize: New Students area in Brescia - Piazza Rovetta


Arch. Ing. Giuliano Venturelli
Carlo Beltracchi

Ing. Marco Caffi,
Ing. Enzo Montini
Ing. Massimo Speziani

3d Modeling:

Carlo Beltracchi
Alex Bocchi

2d Drawing:

Andrea Romano
Ing. Enzo Montini

Tiziana Rizzi

venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

Paneling for Grasshopper

I take advance of your request to publish a tool useful to panelize surfaces.
This tool is a little bit more complete than the previous: you can separately choose the nuber of U and V subdivision and also if you want flat or "4 points" panels.

It works with Grasshopper 0.6.0055