mercoledì 30 dicembre 2009

Srf Deformation Tool For Grasshopper

Here you can download and play with this tool, good to manipulate surfaces creating interesting patterns. It works with Grasshopper 06.00.43 version

If you create something beautiful and decide to show/publish/sell your results,
you should provide a reference to the tool:
"Modeleding aided by 'Srf Deformation Tool' by Carlo Beltracchi, BTLB Studio".

2 commenti:

Ale2x72 ha detto...

Hi Carlo,

just downloaded your definition but Grasshopper doesn't want to open it, giving me an error. I'm using GH version 06.0019.

Any clue on why this happens?

BTW, the pic is cool!

Matias del Campo ha detto...

Looks like an awesome tool, congrats Carlo! However I have the same problem here as Alessio: no dice with GH 06.0019.
Where did you get GH 06.0043?